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part 1

Photographer: Stefani Pappas

Simon Doonan, Creative Director at Large, Barneys New York

What's your favorite NYC shopping spot?
I am mad about Opening Ceremony in the Ace Hotel. But seriously...does it get better than Barneys?
Go to New York City restaurant?
For lesbian health food I love Anjelica's Kitchen. For glamour and fashion I love Il Cantanori and Sant Ambroeus.
Which NY based book, movie or TV show epitomizes New York for you?
I love all the 60's /70's New York movies - Midnight Cowboy and Rosemary's Baby are my all time faves.

Joanna Hillman, Senior Fashion Market Editor, Harper's Bazaar

Who do you think of as a New York fashion icon, past or present?
My style icon is NYC! This city thrives on individualism and authenticity and people literally wear it on their sleeves! It could be a posh older lady on the upper East side or a hipster in Brooklyn, this city just pulsates with fashion inspiration.
Do you have a secret New York shopping spot that you love?
Not secret, but I definitely shop more at J.Crew and Topshop than probably most editors do. Those are my staples.
Do you have a favorite New York nightlife spot or restaurant that you find yourself going to a lot?
Restaurants, one of my favorites is Bar Pitti. I love Italian food. Wherever you live, I feel like you really get to know your neighborhood, so there are these random restaurants that no one would ever know about, but it's just a cute little hole in the wall that's like your spot. But Bar Pitti, I definitely dream about that rigatoni penne all the time. I also love Peasant, the wine bar downstairs is so charming and they always play good music.

Kristin Gallegos, Makeup Artist

Favorite artist or display or art from NYC?
My favorite NY artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat. He was SO downtown New York. I think his work is incredible and his overall style, his story, and persona were so cool. And Downtown 81 is one of the best downtown NYC movies ever.
What are you favorite spas or salons in NYC when you need a day of pampering?
When I need a day off for pampering I always go to Great Jones Spa! I get a facial there once a month. Their massages are amazing, too.
What are your favorite neighborhood restaurants/nightspots where we can always find you?
You can always find me at 88 Orchard, Freemans, and Takahashi. And my favorite night spots are the Jane Hotel and The Standard.

Luigi Tadini, Market Director, Paper Magazine

Who is your most stylish New Yorker?
I think a recluse Garbo was a pretty stylish character in New York. Who else Max Fish was pretty stylish in a very different way. I think somewhere in between is really the essence of New Yorksomeone who has this unique kind of uptown style that is timeless, and then the ever-changing trend-centric downtown.
Who are some of your favorite NYC designers right now?
I love the work what Phillip Lim does for men because I think he really pushes gender boundarieskind of that David Bowie characteristic and really giving menswear some delicate elements, some feminineusually its womenswear elementsinto his work. I love the work that the Proenza Schouler boys do. I just think that the idea of creating a collection in New York is already an achievement in and of itself. So the fact that these designers manage to pull this off every six months is really baffling.
What are some of your favorite stylish New York nightlife spots?
Its funny. I think as a foreigner I grew up between São Paulo and New Yorkevery time I come back and Im crossing the bridge over to the city its like Rhapsody in Blue is playing in my head. So I think things that are really iconic to New York City still resonate for me, no matter how long Ill live here. Central Park is incredibly stylish in the sense that you have so many different types of people using the park. And still, you have the whole geometry of New York that I think is very inspiring to someones style. And its changing, like fashion. In terms of places itself, I find myself going back to the same places all the time. Of course, I love the splendor of the 1950s-looking Boom Boom Room. But, I also love little, tiny, hidden away spots. Theres this really small restaurant in Brooklyn called Cafe Moto, which I really like. Its under a subway stop.

Marina Muñoz, Stylist

Do you have any favorite hometown fashion designers that are based in New York?
I love my friend Stephanie Tran. She has a line called Duskin. She makes really, really beautiful clothes that are beautiful silhouettes with great construction and fabrics. I could live forever in one of her silk blouses. Right now her new collectionshe sells at Opening Ceremonyhas this awesome jacket, which reminds me of an old school Barbour jacket. Her stuff is amazingshe does beautiful dresses and simple, nice, lovely things.
Where are your favorite places to shop in New York?
Some friends of mine own Gargyle, which is a really cool shop to visit. Its in the Lower East Side and its just a great mix of pieces. They have beautiful dresses and awesome Karen Walker sunglasses and cool shoes. They also sell the Acne boots there that have fringe. Then I like Jumelle, on Bedford. And I'd like to give a shout out to Madewell. I love Madewell! My dear friend, Joyce, does the accessories line there, and I go bananas at Madewell. They all know me when I walk in!
Is there a favorite decade of fashion that inspires you?
I love Woody Allens films in the '80s Hannah and Her Sisters or Manhattan. Those films. Now Im also thinking a lot about The Great Gatsby with Mia Farrowthat was Ralph Laurens first consulting gig when he did all the wardrobe. Thats a great film too. And then I think of Kramer Vs. Kramer with Meryl Streep. I dont know if you guys have heard of thatthats full on Meryl Streep wearing beautiful long skirts and amazing outfits. But I think Woody Allen would be the biggest inspiration. I was Annie Hall in Paris. I had the whole outfit. But in Paris you can get away with it.

Lori Goldstein, Stylist

Do you have a favorite New York book, movie or TV show?
ANY and EVERY Woody Allen.
Whats your favorite New York shopping spot?
ABC and Barneys. Cant have just one!
Whats your favorite New York museum?
I must say I love The Whitney.

Cabiri Calisto, Head of Sales and Press for VPL

Who do you think is the most influential New York designer right now?
I think Victoria Bartlett because she always does her own thing. She is never following trends and I feel like a lot of other designers look at the trend reports and follow them exactly, but she always has her own inspiration, her own focus for each collection. Other designers seem to take inspiration from her.
Whats your favorite New York museum or gallery?
I love the MoMa. Its my favorite museum. Its so cool. But, I work so much, I barely have time to go.

Jeff Laub, Owner - The Blind Barber

Do you have a favorite New York-based book, movie or TV show? My very favorite show doesnt take place in NYC, but its Dexter. My favorite NYC-based film is A Bronx Tale.
What's your favorite museum to visit in the city?
The MOMA. I went there a lot during the build-out of the Blind Barber for inspiration and stuff like that. Just to see all different types of art and see how it can be incorporated into our space. I was never a big "museum guy" until I started building.
What's your favorite local hangout spot?
The best night spot would have to be the Blind Barber. But if Im going to go anywhere else, my personal favorite place to go is always the Manhattan Inn for drinks in Greenpoint. And then for dinner right now Im kind of digging Beauty in Essex. That's a good spot.

Ashley Smith, Model

What is your secret New York shopping spot?
I used to be a tomboy growing up, so I wore a lot of band shirts and things like that. I mainly shop on the Lower East Side and that vintage place, The Cast on Orchard Street. Its a really cool store that used to be underneath another store, so you couldnt even see it because it wasnt above ground. They have t-shirts that are cut-up in certain ways that already have the vintage look.
Do you have a New York nightlife spot or restaurant?
My favorite restaurant that I frequent is Takahachi on Avenue A. Its this Japanese place that is amazing. I dont even know how to explain it. I get this tuna tartare there that is to die for.
What do you think is the most influential decade for fashion in New York?
I think I need to do a little bit of a history lesson before this one. For me, when I look back on history everything looks so great, but I think current times are always the best timesbecause you live in them now. So, now.

Eric Poon, Vane Designer

Where do you like to spend your days off in New York?
Days off in New York? I dont know what thats like! I'd probably meet my friends, sit in the park even, maybe Central Park. Or go to the Blind Barber.
Do you have a favorite NYC-based menswear designer?
Robert Geller and Public School.

Martha Violante, Stylist

Which do you think is the most stylish decade in NYC fashion?
I would say Im really feeling what a lot of people are probably feeling right now the '70s. Just because it was a big thing for spring/summer and its whats in my head right now. But I also love the '40s, '30s, '20s... I mean, what decade wasnt amazing?
What are your go-to shopping spots in the city?
Im not a picky person. I go everywhere from the Gap and to Zara, to Bergdorfs and Barneys and Miu Miu. I go all over town. I like going to resale shops, I like going to thrift stores, I really like places where you have to search for thingsanywhere that you have to look through the racks to find something amazing and that fits you is really a great spot to go.
Who do you think is the most stylish New Yorker of all time?
There are so many New Yorkers with such amazing style that inspire me every day. Even just walking down the street you can see dozens. But I have to say a true favorite of mine would have to be Iris Apfel. I just love her unique character and the way she dresses for herself and what she loves!

Waris Ahluwalia, Jewelry Designer

What are your three favorite New York nightlife spots or restaurants?
Omen, Bar Pitti, Rubirosa, Cafe Cluny, St. Ambroeushow can I just pick three?
Who are your favorite NYC based artists, past or present?
Rene Ricard, Dustin Yellin, Jose Parla, Wes Lang, and Scott Campbell.
Which NYC based fashion designers, past or present, continually inspire you?
I enjoy watching the evolution of Timo Weiland, Bibhu Mohapatra, Maria Cornejo and Elise Overland.

Olivia Palermo, Model, Actress, Designer

Do you have a secret, off-the-beaten-path shopping spot in New York?
Not specifically. I think sometimes you find the best things when you least expect it. Just to go to small little boutiques that have one-of-a-kind pieces. And probably Nolita, I would say, is a great area.
Do you have a favorite date spot that you like to go to?
I really enjoy going to Café Gitane. Johannes and I really like going there. So when were home we go there for dinnerso every once in a while.
Do you have a favorite New York-based book, movie or television show?
Aside from Sex and the City? Well, I did appreciate that 24 did its last season in New Yorkthat was great.

Natalie Joos, Casting Agent, Blogger

Do you have a favorite go-to New York nightlife spot or restaurant?
I always like the Boom Boom Room because it's classy and there's always space to sit and it's roomy. The Bunker is fun for dancing, and then Kenmare.
Do you have a secret New York shopping spot?
I always like going to Fluke in Williamsburg. It's a vintage store, just because it's around the corner and just because there are always new clothes and new merchandise every time you go there. I don't go regularly, I go once a month or not even, so anytime you go there it's always new and fun, and she has great quirky taste. And it's not right on Bedford, so I don't know if many people know about it. I like just going there for fun. I like vintage stores period, because you always see new things.
Do you have a New Yorker, past or present, that you think of as a style icon?
Debbie Harry, she's a style icon. Not mine, but she's definitely a New York style icon. She has a following. I guess she did something new with the hair.

Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, Fashion Designers
Do you have a favorite New York museum?
We love them all. If were bored on the weekend well go up to the Met. I feel that theres sort of a childhood, nostalgia thing about going to the Met. Its so easy to get lost in it. Definite nostalgia.
What about a favorite shopping spot?
We actually do a lot of our shopping outside of NYC, but were big on going thriftinggoing to flea markets and things like that. But in the city we love going to Ralph Lauren, and of course to Barneys and those department stores, which are always exciting.
Are there any New York fashion designers that continually inspire you?
Us? (laughs) I dont know, like inspiration for our aesthetics? The way we dress kind of just comes from being together for 16 years. We always think of it like some weird amalgam between John Goodman and River Phoenix.

Jenné Lombardo, Founder, The Terminal Presents

What are your favorite New York shopping spots?
No. 6 is one of my favorite stores. On Centre Market Place. Its right around the corner from my house. Of course Opening Ceremony, and my friends' closets. In fact, thats my number one!
What about some neighborhood hang outs where we could always find you?
I usually stay downtown and just keep it in the neighborhood. So Ill go to my friends' restaurants to always support them. The list is somewhat endless, but I love Kenmare. I love Ñ on Crosby Street. Its a nice little staple that Ive always been going to. Indochine. Lure. Where do I go out at night? I dont even remember where I go out. Don Hills. Kenmare.
Are there any emerging New York designers that you are particularly inspired by? Especially because youre so involved with MAC & Milk?
I really adore Katie Gallagher. I respond very well to her clothing and to her as a person. I love Suno very muchI never thought I would appreciate color until I met them! Theyre incredible. Wayne Lee is also really good. I like what she does.

Memsor Kamarake, Fashion Director and Stylist

Wheres the best place to hear music in New York?
DJ Coleman just started a new party. DJ Coleman does all the fashion shows and what have you. There is also Jenna Fly, who has a party at the SubMercer, which pops up every so often. And then My iPod, I literally love any and everything, so I go from Feist to Kanye at the gym and my apartment is a one man discotheque.
Do you have a favorite New York book, movie or TV Show?
My favorite New York book is Another Country by James Baldwin. I love way that all of these stories of these people keep in mind were in a city of eight million sometimes intersect very fleetingly, and then sometimes they intersect with such profound effect. This was an amazing book which wove one of these tales, and the more you read the more you were gripped about what happens to who and all of that. Its a very New York experience. I had an experience once, where I was reading the book and it said something about being on 72nd and Broadway, and I looked up on the bus and I was on 72nd and Broadway. Loved it!
Is there a particular New York menswear designer that you are most likely wearing?
Im loving Simon Spur. I think that Im someone who wears pretty classic stuff because of the hair and the personality. So Im loving what hes been doing. But then there is also a designer like Billy Reid. His down home aesthetic I guess wouldnt necessarily be the first thing you think of when you think of me, but I just like clothes that look well-lived in and are also well made.

Phoebe & Annette Stephens, Jewelry Designers, Anndra Neen

Whats the best place in New York to find vintage jewelry?
Lorraine Wohl it's called Elle W Collection now
Do you have a favorite New York book, movie or TV show?
The onion (does it count as a book?), Manhattan, 30 Rock
Who is the most fashionable New Yorker, past or present?
Tina Chow, Diana Vreeland, Iris Apfel, Polly Mellen

Bon Duke, Photographer, Director

Where do you shop for your cool rings in New York?
Adorned, sometimes Opening Ceremony has some cool rings, Surface to Air when they have their sample sales, Oak, but actually the best rings Ive had are from this designer Anne Arden McDonald. Shes independent, but she has an online shop, and sometimes shes on the street selling her rings, but theyre the best, theyre just all bones.
Do you have a favorite New York restaurant?
5 Leaves, thats my jam. Its on Bedford and Lorimer. Im there like everyday.
What's the best place to hear music in New York?
Thats a hard question. But I'll say the Jane, just to be safe.

Pamela Love, Jewelry Designer
What are your go-to neighborhood spots?
I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and theres a park there called McGolrick Park that I really love to hang out in. Its really nice and relaxing. I also really like this Korean barbecue called Dokebi in Williamsburg and the Bloody Marys at Enids, which is in Greenpoint. I dont really leave Brooklyn that much when I dont have to.
Is there any emerging New York talent that youre really excited about?
Thats difficult because I live in a hole. I live in a bubble. My friend Yara has a line called Nomia that I really loved. I really like this band called Wild Yaks. Theyre in Brooklyn and awesome. I think thats probably it. I live in a bubble. I make jewelry all day and I dont pay attention to anything so I cant tell you anything!
Is there a NY designer that continually inspires you?
I love Robert Lee Morris a lot. He continues to be inspiring even now. Also, my friend Bliss Lau, who does amazing jewelry and is just constantly reinventing the idea of how you wear jewelry. I love Alexander Wang. I think hes really great and constantly producing things that are so wonderfully wearable and fashion forward at the same time.

John McNulty, Fashion Stylist/Broadway Wig Stylist

What are some of your favorite New York vintage shopping spots?
Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, What Comes Around Goes Around, Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg and I still love Resurrection.
Why do you love vintage shopping?
Just because it's one of a kind and you know no one else will have it. I think that's what everyone loves vintage for. And I love fashion of all the eras and that's what vintage is.
What are your go-to New York nightlife hot spots?
Right now I really love Kenmare you can't go wrong. I like how it's like intimate and I love classic rock and that's what they play. The crowd's always pretty diverse. Theres a new party going on on Wednesdays at the Library. It's like a rock & roll party. They're calling it the Gaga party, but they don't play Lady Gaga so it's lame. I love when the downtown scene brings it uptown and I love the Library at the Hudson hotel it's a really cool party on Wednesdays, so that's where I'm going.

Artie Hach, Manager, Patricia Field

Do you have a favorite New York gallery or museum?
Oh, interesting. Gallery? I dont know. Museum-wise, I guess its the Museum of Natural History. I like the crystals and I like the bones and I like the taxidermy stuff.
Do you have a favorite New York book, movie or television show?
None of my favorite movies are about New York, but I guess I like Manhattan Murder Mystery by Woody Allen. That was a good New York movie. Yeah, so hes good.
Do you have any off-the-beaten-path shopping destinations?
I like sometimes to go to Jackson Heights or Steinway Street in Queens. Like, the ethnicity, kind of where the city turns suburban a little. Its interesting.

Annabel Tollman, Stylist

Who do you think is a really influential New York based designer?
I think we have a really strong group of designers here. Obviously we have our Calvins, our Ralphs and our Donnas, who I think are hugely influential. Look at the sort of massive trend for minimalism, and look who started that the likes of Calvin Klein. I think we also have a very strong, successful bunch of young designers. Look at the Prabals and Bibhus and Peter Soms. And obviously Proenza, but to me Proenza are more established. These guys have really come out in the past few years. They are so talented, theyre all sort of creating trends. But also it really started because they all are creating businesses.
Do you have a favorite New York Artist?
Who do I really admire? I love Hope Athertons work. I love Julian Schnabels work. I love Louise Bourgeois Shed pretty much be my favorite for New York artists, but she has passed away unfortunately. Shes incredible.
What about a favorite New York nightlife or restaurant spot?
I just went to The Lambs Club the other day, which was really great. I had a great time there, and the food was good. My friend Cobi Levy is opening a place called Niko on Mercer Street. Im really excited to go there.

Chris Taylor, Musician, Grizzly Bear

Do you have a favorite New York band of all time?
If I look at my top 5 list, the only one from New York is Arthur Russell, so I'd have to say Arthur Russell.
Do you have any go-to shopping destinations in New York?
Yea, I haven't shopped for clothes in a long time, so Brooklyn Kitchen. It's a kitchen store. I have fun, I get some things and then I fantasize about getting other things there. It's a bit expensive but I cook a lot, so I think I have the most fun window shopping there.
Do you have a favorite music venue here?
Yea, I think the Bowery Ballroom is amazing. It's a really great place to see music. Village Vanguard I would have to say as well. I was just there last night. It's so historic, it's not even funny.

Kelly Framel, Fashion Blogger
Do you have a secret shopping destination in New York?
Well I always tell people to go to Beacons Closet in Williamsburg because it really is like a massive warehouse. If you cant find something there, you cant find something anywhere!
Do you have a favorite place to hear bands in New York?
Yeah! I always think the smaller, the better. Were going to a show tonight. Its always, like, whatever Im doing today is the best answer! Were going to see Matthew Dear tonight.
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